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L.A. Noire is a video game developed by Team Bondi and distributed by Rockstar Games. Announced at the beginning only for PlayStation, Rockstar revealed that finally an Xbox 360 version would also be adapted. Subsequently, Rockstar Games obtained the title for Microsoft Windows in November 2011. Several downloadable content (DLC) was developed, one of which was of two new missions: «The naked city» and «The Lapsus». These contents were released on May 31, the date on which the company unveiled the Rockstar Pass, the new method of buying and booking the DLC of the game, and what can be acquired in a limited time. The Rockstar Pass allows the user to also purchase the “Galvanized Nicholson” and “A lot of weed” download contents, which were released on June 21 and July 12, respectively.

The video game is a criminal thriller that combines elements of a non-linear video game and a graphic adventure. He places his message in the city of Los Angeles in 1947 and is led by Cole Phelps, a rookie detective from the Los Angeles Police Department who must solve a series of cases.4 8 As the name implies, LA Noire and its history are heavily influenced by the black cinema of the 1940s and 1950s. Its setting makes use of elements of the detective cinema of the 1940s, such as corruption or drugs, as well as the use of a jazz music soundtrack.

L.A. Noire received frequent positive reviews from the press. It has an average score of 89 over 100 and 88% in Metacritic and GameRankings, respectively. On the day of the launch of the video game in the United States, Take-Two Interactive shares closed with an increase of 7.75% and reached the maximum reach of 17.75%, which resulted in these results in the best of the company in the last three years. By February 2012, L.A. Noire had already sold about five million copies.

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