Manhattan, New York, USA | 360°

Manhattan is the neighborhood with the highest population density in the 5 neighborhoods of New York City. It consists mainly of the island of Manhattan, surrounded by the Hudson, East and Harlem rivers. It is the heart of “the Big Apple” and is one of the most important cultural, financial and commercial centers in the world. Its iconic sites include skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building, Times Square illuminated with neons and Broadway theaters.

Lower Manhattan: It is the southernmost part of the island of Manhattan and the point where New York originated. In this area is the financial district of the city and the various governing bodies. Lower Manhattan covers from the south of the island to 14th Street.
Midtown Manhattan: It extends from 14th Street to 59th (south end of Central Park). Its most important part and the one that concentrates the largest number of skyscrapers begins on 33rd Street, where the famous Empire State Building is located.
Upper Manhattan: In general, it can be said that the upper part of Manhattan begins in Central Park and ends at 96th Street. In the western part, this area rises higher to include in its domains the University of Columbia and the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.
Harlem: This area begins when Upper Manhattan ends and ends at 155th Street. Its most important street is perhaps 125, where the famous Apollo Theater is located.
Washington Heights: This part of Manhattan goes from the north of the island (220th Street) to Harlem. Its name comes from Fort Washington, an 18th-century fortification to protect the area from British forces.

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