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The web (or the web) is a big community of related computer systems around the globe. It comprises the knowledge and technological instruments that anybody with an web connection can entry. Once we say one thing is on-line, we normally imply that it's on-line.

To connect with the web, you want an digital system, reminiscent of a pc or smartphone, and select the web service supplier or ISP (web service supplier). An ISP is an organization that has particular computer systems, referred to as servers, with which you will have entry to the web.

Web protocols

A communication protocol is a set of pointers or laws that each one customers of a pc community should obey. In different phrases, they're the foundations for the transmission of knowledge between two or extra factors or computer systems.

The TCP or transmission management protocol (for its acronym in English) is a standardized instruction system that particulars how computer systems talk with one another. It was invented by Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf between 1973 and 1974.

One of the necessary protocols is the Web or IP protocol, answerable for routing and delivering information and data packages.

IP adress
Every pc or phone related to the web has an tackle, reminiscent of a home or house. This tackle can be identified by the Web or IP protocol tackle. There are two sorts of IP:

IP model 4 (IPv4) are 4 numbers, every between Zero and 255, separated by dots:
IP model 6 (IPv6) are six numbers with hexadecimal base (16), separated by a colon: 2001: 0: 9d38: 6abd: 287e: 1e9c: 4e72
Knowledge transmission
Information or paperwork journey between computer systems in items referred to as packages. Every package deal is remodeled right into a binary system of 1 and Zero to be despatched to its vacation spot.

These information packets have the recipient and sender's IP tackle related. Particular computer systems referred to as routers ship this data to the vacation spot tackle. The vacation spot pc receives the packages and rearranges them to the unique doc.

It is like disarming a puzzle and sending each bit by a special mailman to a different place the place it's armed.

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