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The dream of flying might be as previous as humanity. Discovering the historical past of skydiving just isn't straightforward, nevertheless, right here is a few info to get an concept of it.

In historical past, we discover the Chinese language because the precursors of the thought of the parachute. They constructed a form of umbrella to make jumps from particular towers. After all, they may not be thought of parachutes, however they had been the primary makes an attempt.

Within the fifteenth century we discover the genius of all time, Leonardo da Vinci, painter, sculptor, mathematician, scientist, engineer, designer and builder of many units. He studied the flight of birds and drew conclusions that till at present are thought of primary in aeronautical science.

The parachute he designed was pyramidal, as may be seen in his drawings. His unique concept was to plan an equipment that will serve individuals who had been in a tall constructing that was catching hearth. Though we have no idea if he examined this parachute, many contemplate Leonardo da Vinci because the “Father of Skydiving.”

In 1616 we discovered one other Italian, Fausto de Veranzio, who revealed a guide referred to as “Machinae Nova”, by which a drawing referred to as “Homo Volans” appeared, displaying a person leaping from a tower with an oblong parachute, with 4 traces connected to the physique within the type of a harness. This parachute is similar to the one presently utilized in Sports activities Parachuting.

In 1779, Sebastián le Normand, a French physicist, made a sequence of parachute research, launching animals. Because of the variety of experiments he carried out, we will contemplate him as the primary systematic parachute builder.

It was in 1785 that Jean Pierre Blanchard, a Frenchman devoted to ballooning, designed and constructed the primary parachute with a silk dome that could possibly be packed. Till that date, all of the parachutes had been constructed with a body, which stored the dome open. He jumped from a balloon in 1793, and broke each legs.

There are numerous variations about who was the primary man to parachute. However the first undisputed exhibition leap was on October 27, 1797, when André Jacques Garnerin jumped from his balloon over Paris.

His spouse, Geneviève Labrosse, was the primary girl to parachute in 1798. His niece Elisa jumped 40 instances between 1815 and 1836.

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