” Square in 360 Degree”

A square is a public urban space, large or small and uncovered, in which a wide variety of activities are usually carried out. There are many shapes and sizes, and built in all ages, but there is no city in the world that does not have one. Due to their relevance and vitality within the structure of a city, they are considered urban halls.

They are often the nuclear element of a population, the place around which the most representative buildings begin to rise, thereby becoming symbols of power, and sometimes reflect the duality of power (religious and political). The town hall square and the church square are typical in many villages; In larger towns, the cathedral square or the palace square are more typical.

The squares are the center par excellence of urban life. They concentrate a large number of social, commercial and cultural activities. Symbolic functions, both political and religious, are of great importance in these spaces, being chosen for the celebration of coronations, executions, demonstrations, processions, canonizations … They are often chosen to raise memorials or statues, as they are unique and adequate spaces for the maintenance mechanisms of historical memory. In addition, being meeting places, they host fun and festive activities: parties, games, shows, sports, markets or any public event imaginable. The economic function (market place) responds to the vitality of spontaneous transactions, but they also make them subject to special attention and control by public authorities.

Another significant function is the military, which is at the origin of many cities. The term “square” in military language, is equivalent to “city”, and is in many conventional expressions (sitting square, command square, strong square …).

In the bullfighting world, and in the toponymy of many Spanish and Latin American localities, “plaza” is used autonomously by bullring.

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