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A park (of the French park and the English park) is a land located within a town, which is intended for meadows, gardens and trees serving as a place of recreation and recreation for citizens.

If it is a long area of ​​natural land and protected by the state, we are talking about a natural park or a national park.

Parks are also known as private or protected enclosures, in various ways, where recreational activities are held. They are distinguished:

  • Water park;
  • Amusement or amusement park, related to these we find a theme park or a water park;
  • Theme park;
  • Zoo;
  • National Park;
  • Playground;
  • Baby park;
  • Urban park.

The parks that were maintained and in ancient times privately for the enjoyment of their owners are currently open to the public, such as the gardens of Versailles, Jardines del Retiro de Madrid or the old hunting parks of nobles and kings, such as the forest of Fontainebleau
Many country houses in the United Kingdom and Ireland still have parks of this type, which since the 18th century have often been landscaped for aesthetics. They are usually a mixture of open meadows with scattered trees and wooded areas and are usually delimited by high fences. The immediate area to the house is the garden and, in some cases, we also present scattered meadows and trees, however what specifically differentiates the park from the garden in a country house is the park is inhabited by animals, while they are also excluded of the garden.

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