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Superman The Last Escape is a roller coaster of the hypercoaster type located in the Six Flags Mexico amusement park.

It is one of the main attractions of the park, being highly demanded by visitors. It reaches 120 km / h of maximum speed, is 67 meters high, a fall of 62.5 meters with an inclination of 60 ° and has a length of 1700 meters.

This roller coaster, one of the largest and fastest, consists of three 6-car trains for 6 people each, with a total of 36 people per train. The attraction is monitored by three computers, with inductive sensors that coordinate the different brake stations along the route. Each passenger has a bar and seatbelts systems that guarantee to enjoy the attraction. The minimum height for entering the attraction is 1.3 m. The highest point of the attraction is at the top of the climb, which reaches 67 meters high, being visible part of Mexico City. It was opened in November 2004 and in May 2007, reached its passenger number 1 000 000.

It has a tunnel after the most important fall and spectacular curls and consecutive descents known as camel humps. Therefore, it is considered one of the main attractions of the park.

Modern roller coasters are precision machines and high technology. The structure is calculated to withstand tremendous forces. The electronic control system, with its sensors and computers, regulates the operation of motors and brakes to ensure your safety.

Designing and building roller coasters is a complicated job, but of course it is no problem for a Superhero: it is about designing an extreme experience, and at the same time completely safe.

To calculate the maximum speed, the height difference between the highest point of the course and the lowest point is used. The potential energy at the highest point has to be equal to the kinetic energy at the lowest.

In Superman The last Escape the height difference is 65 meters, equivalent to the height of a 20-story building.

The train will reach the highest point through a chain and only as information, the higher we are the more energy we will have to transform it into speed and who knows? Maybe we can reach Superman.

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