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The Dolomites is a mountain range in Italy that extends to the provinces of Belluno (in which a good part is left), Bolzano, Trento, Udine and Pordenone. The described name of Deodat de Dolomieu, a French geologist who discovered the composition of the rock in 1791. They were previously known as “Monti Pallidi”.

The highest mountain is the Marmolada with 3,342 m. There are many other mountains with an altitude above 3,000 m: the Antelao, the Pelmo, the Tofanas, the Civetta, the Sassolungo, the Piz Boè, the Cima de la Vezzana, the Cima Tossa, the Punta dei 3 Scarperi, the Sorapìss , the Sass Rigais, the Cimone della Pala …

In the Dolomites region, villages such as Cortina d'Ampezzo, Rocca Pietore, Ortisei, Arabba, Selva di Val Gardena and Corvara in Badia live off tourism. There are many agostaderos that attract tourists, sea of ​​naturalistic tourism as the ski resort has more than 1200 km of slopes and is one of the largest in Europe or climbers.

The Dolomites were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2009, covering a protection zone of 135,910,9370 ha and a respect zone of 98,511,9340 ha.

Eagle is the name given to the largest predatory birds. The various species and subspecies of eagles can be found almost anywhere in the world except in Antarctica. They are members of birds of prey, of the order of Accipitriformes, 1 (or Falconiformes according to a previous classification), 2 family Accipitridae, subfamily Buteoninae. They belong to several genres, which are subject to a more adequate reclassification since experts do not reach an agreed opinion. Eagles are characterized mainly by their large size, robust constitution, heavy head and beak.

Like all birds of prey, eagles have a large, powerful and pointed beak to detach meat from their prey. They also have powerful claws and shanks. Also striking is the strength of the eagles, which allows them to lift prey much heavier in flight than they do. They also have an extremely sharp view that allows them to visualize potential prey from a distance, for example the golden eagle has two focal points in its eyes, one to look straight ahead and the other to locate the look sideways scrutinizing at a distance.

Eagles have been used by many peoples as a national symbol and especially imperial symbol, showing both power and beauty. The Roman Empire is that, in general, other states have taken the most usual form of the emblem with an eagle; the Byzantine Empire provided the double-headed eagle symbol.

The eagle was synonymous with power for many ancient peoples such as the Mochica of ancient Peru, Mayans and Aztecs.

It is also the emblem of certain sports teams, mainly in baseball; The case of the Águilas de Mexicali (Mexico), Águilas del Zulia (Venezuela) and Águilas Cibaeñas (Dominican Republic) teams and the Cibaeñas eagles is the team with the most fans abroad and in the Dominican and Caribbean Republic of the Águilas de Cristo (Venezuela), Club Deportivo Águila (El Salvador), Club América (Mexico) and the Argentine team of Medieval Historical Combat (HMB) CECM, who, like the eagle, are characterized in this sport by their ferocity in fighting.

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