The Fight for Falluja | 360°

As a journalist, Nermeen Al-Mufti observed in 2004, “Once, Fallujah was called the city of minarets. It once echoed the Euphrates in its beauty and tranquility. It had abundant water and lush vegetation. It was a summer resort for the Iraqis. People went there for pleasure, to take a bath in the nearby Habbaniya Lake, for a kebab meal. “

At that time, Falluja was the center of resistance. Falluja was the symbol of an entire region in defiance of an occupation. That is why Fallujah was destroyed – 10 years ago. In Falluja, the highest-tech army in history applied its firepower in one of the most densely populated areas of Iraq.

Falluja was treated largely as a “free fire zone.” Before the ground forces searched for “terrorist” houses, the houses had already been razed with excavators – regardless of the consequences. Falluja is Guernica, Falluja is Grozny. Fallujah is the Srebrenica of the USA. But the Falluja massacre has remained silent.

During the occupation of Falluja, the one that began after the Iraq War in 2003, the US / Coalition patrolled the streets aggressively, raided homes, intimidated, there were arrests in Abu Ghraib prison and murders of Fallujans, all of which caused resistance against the Coalition. The inhabitants of Fallujah were, consequently, labeled as “insurgents” and “terrorists.” That was a distortion. In essence, the uprising in Falluja was a legitimate resistance that fought against an illegitimate foreign occupation.

In 2004, the United States Army / Coalition established a “counterinsurgency operation” in Fallujah to crush the resistance. In reality, the “operation” looked more like collective punishment. This was indicated by the designs and expected results after the “operation”, “Eight weeks of heavy bombing expelled about two thirds of the 300,000 inhabitants of Falluja. Many people stranded in” squatter camps without basic services “and where tens of thousands have been refugees in the following years. “

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