The Jungle on Fire

Dense forests with great biological diversity, broadleaf vegetation (leafy type) and, generally, with a closed canopy, biodiverse undergrowth and several “floors”, “strata” or “levels, are called rainforest, jungle or tropical rainforest. ”Of vegetation: from trees that can exceed 30 meters in the high floors to mosses and ferns at ground level, which hardly reaches sunlight (for this reason fungi also abound), with abundance of vines and epiphytes. These conditions usually occur in the intertropical warm and rainy areas of the Earth, typical of the warm (macrodermic) climates identified with the letter A in the Köppen classification; For this reason at present, when talking about jungle, the most common is that the so-called tropical rainforests, rich in biodiversity and large freshwater retainers are alluded, either because of its humid tropical climate thanks to the shade and the “effect sponge ”of the dense vegetations or by the water itself that contains the huge plant mass of the rainforests.

Strictly speaking, it should not be called tropical, since in the tropics what predominates is not the jungle but the desert. If you talk about tropical climate and tropical vegetation like jungle, it is due to the influence of the English language with the widely used term of tropics. The correct denomination should be of equatorial vegetation, with reserves, because not throughout the equatorial zone there is rainy weather all year round and jungle vegetation (for example, in the Galapagos Islands or the northwest coast of Peru). And if we talk about the tropical zone in relation to the climate, I would have to refer to the entire intertropical zone, which is the latitudinal zone characterized by isothermal climates, without there being a single type of (jungle) vegetation or a single type of weather. On the contrary, in the intertropical zone there are almost all types of climate and vegetation that can be found in all latitudes of the Earth

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