Best 360 Experience Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Rides

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the roller coaster experience Roller coasters have been a popular attraction at theme and amusement parks around the world for more than a century.

These days, many amusement park rides incorporate screens, often in motion simulators that put you in front of one and shake your seats. But VR coasters, which are cropping up around the globe this year, take the actual old-school summer tradition and add on a headset with cutting-edge technology. It may sound like an odd mash-up — but they could change the way we ride coasters altogether.

Without a doubt, the roller coaster is the king of gravity defying thrills. With gut-wrenching twists, loops, turns, supernatural speeds as guaranteed as your ability to walk away energized and unharmed — what’s not to love?

However, there’s only one (usually expensive) price-point to enter a theme park and enjoy the real life thrill of a roller coaster. But there’s also numerous ways to enjoy these adrenaline inducing rides through virtual reality tech – so why not meet in the middle?

And so, being the tech-obsessed creatures us humans have become, the “virtual reality roller coaster” is now a major trend. However you interpret those four words, chance are your imagination is spot on.

Star Coaster VR

What is it? If space whales and starry night skies are your thing, then this VR roller coaster app should suit you nicely. Featuring a “dreamy atmosphere,” an immersive and unconventional ride seems assured.

What do you need? A flagship Samsung GALAXY smartphone; Samsung Gear VR headset.

Where is this VR roller coaster? Everywhere. Running on a smartphone inside a portable, untethered VR headset means this best VR roller coaster experience can go wherever you go.

NoLimits 2

What is it? A tool used by the pros to develop actual roller coasters in the real world. In addition to building up a park for yourself, No Limits 2 also allows you to ride your VR roller coaster creations or load up existing roller coasters and experience them first hand.

What do you need? A somewhat powerful PC with dedicated video graphics card (minimum requirements here); an Oculus Rift VR headset.

Where is this VR roller coaster? As with Chunks above, it’s a digital game title. Wherever your gaming space is, is where this best VR roller coaster is at.


What is it? Available on Gear VR, iOS and in the Google Play Store, this apps features an aggregation of 360 degree video captures of real world and digitally augmented (such as the Alpenexpress, above), allowing you to experience them from the convenience of your own smartphone.

What do you need? A smartphone; compatible VR headset (or Gear VR setup)

Where is this VR roller coaster? Wherever your smartphone goes.

Six Flags The New Revolution Galactic Attack

What is it? Six Flags’ classic The New Revolution coaster updated for the VR age. Each rider straps on an Oculus powered Gear VR headset that display the space fighter cockpit view of an epic battle between aliens drones and your fellow riders. It’s promised as a low latency experience, meaning your own physical movements and the movement of the coaster are translated as near as real time to what you see inside the VR headset.

What you need? Nothing special required. Just a visit to one of the following theme parks.

Where is this VR roller coaster?

Six Flags Magic Mountain, near California, USA

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, near San Francisco, USA


What is it? This Minecraft-like VR sandbox game places you as some benevolent, roller coaster building deity. Here, you can build your VR roller coaster, ride it, and then blow it up with blocks of TNT. Or turn to throwing its smiley-faced denizens over the horizon with a flick of your wrist. We won’t judge.

Where is this VR roller coaster? Wherever you game. It’s a digital game that goes wherever you log on to play.

What do you need? A powerful PC with dedicated video graphics card; an HTC Vive VR headset; a means to install the sensors in your play space.

Alpenexpress Coastiality

What is it? Award-winning VR ride app Coastiality powers this digitally animated element to the Alpenexpress roller coaster at Germany’s Europa-Park theme park. Based on the park’s own-produced animated films, this VR minecart ride features Ed Euromaus and company. Definitely the best VR roller coaster for the kids.

What do you need? Nothing really by way of equipment, just the means to get there — it’s a real ride, in real Germany.

Where is this VR roller coaster? Europa-Park, Rust, Germany.


What is it? A steel-tracked roller coaster that used to be known as Air, Galactica is UK theme park Alton Towers’ latest multimedia extravaganza. Also using Gear VR headsets, the ride presents a whistle stop ride through space under the guise of space tourism. There’s even a plot to the experience this best VR roller coaster and dedicated website posing the ride as some kind of futuristic travel agency.

What do you need? Means and motive. It’s a real roller coaster, in the middle of the English countryside.

Where is this VR roller coaster? Alton Towers, Staffordshire, UK.

Rollercoaster Dreams

What is it? Universally panned when it launched, it’s widely accepted that this theme park manager and roller coaster building game is a buggy mess. However, awful can be charming, and some find the nausea it induces worth bearing to experience its unique VR roller coaster horror show up close.

What do you need? A PlayStation 4; PlayStation VR setup; an open mind.

Where is this VR roller coaster? Wherever you have your PS4 setup.

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